How to decode or translate raw RFID data into a useable flipper file

I attempted to scan my apartment building entry key and it didn’t work until I selected the raw option. obviously the flipper can’t use the scanned raw files so I would love to know how to convert those files to a useable format

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You need to provide more information. There are many implementations of RFID and we can’t help. Things like what the fob or card look like. What the scanners look like. Identifying markers.

It looks like a black plastic rounded edges plate, with a rubber circle on top of it, the whole thing is ~10 millimeters tall when laying flat

A raw read with RFID will always show success even when no where near any cards

That’s an issue. That does not happen on my Flipper. Perhaps try a firmware upgrade or talk to support. Mine just keeps trying to read until I put an RFID device nearby or until I hit cancel.

Perhaps this is a dumb question but you don’t have a chip in your hand do you? I know some people do. I aso know people with them in their rings.

EDIT: Seems as though I typically need to be within 6 inches from an RFID device roughly.