How to emulate a cardin s449 remote?

Hi everybody,
I’m a newby in the flipper zero world.
I want to emulate a cardin s449 remote with my flipper.
I known it is a rolling code remote.

I have read the signal with my flipper zero and there is the informations that i collected

First signal:

KeeLoq 64bit 433.92CU
Key: A43A3147728CE104
Fix: 0x2087314E Cnt:???
Hop: 0xE28C5C25 Btn:2
MF: Unknown

Second signal:

KeeLoq 64bit 433.92CU
Key: 39A089F7728CE104
Fix: 0x2087314E Cnt:???
Hop: 0xEF91059C Btn:2
MF: Unknown

How can i emulate my remote whith this informations?


you can, if you find a manufacture key, from your remote control

Hi thanks for your response.
Where can I find it?
Whith the secret switch?

Thank you for your help :pray:

Flipper Zero currently has limitations emulating Cardin S449 remotes due to their use of rolling codes.

Flipper zero can emulate Cardin s449 just fine,
You need non official firmware so that you can save and send your signal + manufacture key as SkorP has mentioned so that you know where on the counter you are and so that you can send the nex singals (risking de-syncronization of original remote).
Lacking MF (manufacturer key) but with the capability of saving/sendning the signal as you already have otherwise you wouldn’t had post those signal decode dumps if you want to RISK to de-sync the original remote just grab a bunch of those signals like 5 or 6 and try to replay them in sequence.

Some Keeloq systems simply don’t bother to invalidate old keys/keys below actual counter state and re-sync it’s counter when they get a valid sequence of it’s own code.

I’ve seen systems like ALL azkoyen step machines that will unlock with a SINGLE VALID keeloq transmition no matter what count it have, same goes for some garages.

Others will require 2 or 3 or 5 valid codes in sequence to unlock/re-sync to old count value.

If you have capability to genrate the nex valid key for example with flipper + manufacture key you can generate a key near count FFFx . Some systems will not bother with the margin in count and will accept anyrthing that is bigger than the actual count…

Good luck.