How to make my custom remotes like the universal remote

I’m not sure if it is possible but I would love to somehow make my custom ir remotes have the same buttons setup as the default universal remote.

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You can edit the file in assets to change its function


Like on the Flipper itself or thru the qflipper software? sorry if its a dumb question but I’m pretty new this kind of thing the Flipper Kickstarter caught my interest so well that I’m pretty much learning this stuff from scratch with the Flipper

The file is on the SD card, in the infrared/assets folder. You can download it via qflipper, edit it. and upload it back, or just plug the SD card into your PC and edit it from there


I tried editing the file in assets to get a similar button layout as the universal remote and it only gives me a list of buttons once its on the flipper. What do I have to learn to design custom button layouts for the remotes? I’m sure you are all tired of hearing this but I’m new to all the tech stuff and have no idea where to start. Thanks ahead of time for any information you’re willing to share.

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You’ll have to edit the firmware source code for that kind of stuff

The code for the IR app is in the applications/infrared folder


Awesome! Thank you

Is this as simple as just going into the app code and copying lines or is it something you need software development experience and skills to do? Cause I just thought it would be like a formating thing done in the ir file or something like that

You can find more info on this thread Brand IR Remotes.

Basically, yes. You need to copy and paste the commands into this file and use the same naming conventions for the buttons. Ex. the power button will be “name: POWER”, the channel up button will be “name: CH+”, etc.

Then follow up the “name:” line with the “type:”, “protocol:”, “address:”, and “command:” lines that you can find from the .ir file that is made when you scan your own signals.

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I really wish there was a way to do this without editing the firmware.

My understanding is that you don’t need to modify the firmware. You can use the source code from the app to make a new app and add it as a .fap file like any other app.

Am I understanding correclty?

You are correct. It’s possible to run the apps included on flipper zero as .fap apps. There are already compiled apps using for example the code of the ibutton app, etc … so yes, it’s possible.

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