How to open security gates, without acess tag to clone?

Hi need to acess gates from company with overdue bill. Can I some how open security gate with out access to key tag to clone? It also has a keypad for access. What’s the easiest way to go about this?

I am not sure if it is a translation issue. But it seems you don’t own the company, the gate or the keypad.
So the action, you are describing, is illegal.

What do you expect? Anyone here will help an unknown person from the internet to break into an unknown 3rd party building?
Even if you don’t hear how this does sound, believe me this is a very dumb request on a public forum.


I usually use the button on the gate, then someone talks to me and usually they just open the gate.


I do not want to judge, so I will go on the translation issue, especially since all the specific details on the system and how the cloud subscription ending made it stop working makes it clearly a tech enthusiast question about unused hardware, right?

There is a lot of place for misinterpretation, indeed. I am open minded if I am wrong with my assumption. But until any correction, I want to warn that it could be dangerous.

The only lately bankrupt cloud only smart home company I know is Gigaset. The have a lot of overdue bills, but where never offering gate openers or provides keypads.
I am still shocked how people thinks the Flipper is a magic wand to all closed areas.

In fact, I have a complete Bosch Profilift garage door opener set laying around to play with.So it could be a technical enthusiast project…

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Yeah, I guess it’s the news, and people think it’s a autel 6k locksmith set for gates and cars, but I do think it is really funny how people put random questions like this without any specifications and expect us to just hand them the skullkey :slight_smile:

I managed to break my key for my garage, fastest way to solve the issue was a new lock and 2 minutes of a freshly charged makita. But i doubt he is looking for this sollution.

What’s with the bulleing guys, I’m no criminal. It’s a deit collection. This is the only reason I bout the flipper!

Open a locked door you don’t own is still illegal. No bullying, just our try to save you from going to jail.

And still no details. The Flipper is no magic wand, like a Makita.

U don’t get put in jail for righteousness! I could ove lied but lieing something I don’t do. Its the code of ethics. Respect the truth. There’s just so many liers these days! I just can’t stand them.

I like to jerk around with limited information , but when then picture could be painted that its about gaining tips on break-in and entry to a place without permission, lets just say the flipper might not be the starting point, while it is a cool tool to be able to do a lot.

Even if the paperwork is gonna take a lot longer then you want to wait, is talking to a clerk and paying for his lunch to help you get your stuff back a less shady solution?

It is still illegal. It is not allowed to enter property you don’t own without permission of the owner.
But you could go to your local authorities and ask them to open the gate for you. If your request is reasonable I am sure the will assist you, legally.

The Flipper is no option here. It can’t open ‘a gate’ with ‘a keypad’.

For reference: Entering the Property of Others

And now I am done with this topic.

Well you could push the buttons with the FZ if you are scared of leaving fingerprints but also buying a FZ while you could wear gloves seems a bit overrated.

yeah i know, i’m an a-hole… but in my defense, i still know nothing about the system so just making conversation.

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Red teaming - Offensive
Blue teaming - Defensive

But this one is:
Yellow teaming - Destructive (because yellow as a Bulldozer)?

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whoooo that escalted quickly ( even he himself would say, nah also also also! ), we just do not promote illicit activities, that has little to do with our religious beliefs, can’t say I’m a full atheist but I see myself more like agnostic to be honest, cause I am to stupid to be sure.

Just saying, if you actually want to break into a place, some power-tools are mostly more efficient. How many break-ins did you read about where they used stuff like mission impossible instead of just a sledgehamer and a crowbar? But if it is about stuff like UberGuidoz git and other forks we do not act like there are not cool applications around, we are just realistic on what the FZ is, and should be, and sure it proves some bad implementations of a lot of hardware and deprecated designs, but it is nothing close to 10k locksmith tools made for the job. Just a very cool tool to prove some points in the field.

@LupusE , but since our religion has just been set for us, I guess there is nothing left then creating a blue/white team now? Or is that to touchy for him and is this putting coal on the fire? I am not sure yet, have to get used to my new religion first.

That be great if u could send that through thanku Hitlerwasright. I prefer the mission impossible way, I can’t get caught. Yes the jews have doubled our interest rates in New Zealand so maybe he was right! Coincidently I have a Swass tattoo on my knuckle. Nor because rascial reasons, it’s to do with 4years of famly court just trying to to have visits with my son! It’s Allgood now have him when ever. But only because his mum changed her ways and let’s me. But because of how the famly court treated and others I gota swass sticker were everyone can see it. Because fuck my country for foe they done!

I got 2 B’s on mijn lower back, and when I bend over and spread, it says Bob. But I am not entirely sure yet how this helps justifying it. But I still don’t know anything about the type of gate, so without specifications it’s hard to guess. If old LF tags , then pretty easy, if newer, HF tags, depending on implementation.

But if your tag worked , and after service changed , the tag just stopped working, it’s prolly an automated system that removed the badge, so even if one is linked to the door, getting the maintenance key is not always that easy especially if they implemented counters on the card itself with DES or something like that, it is a whole different story. If they just check hardware UID from the card, then hoping they got them in a box in a range and guessing about 100 keys back might be one of the important ones :smiley:

But mostly there are just regular cylinder locks in place that just switch a button, and tricking those with a paperclip is often more easy, so it really depends more on your situation on which path the red team will choose next. Sometimes it’s as simple as just walking in with an overall and telling them you are there to replace the modem and they will just give you the master-key to the building and point you to the room with the hardware.

So without tags or information on a system you cannot say like, yeah run this and the gate will magically open, you will need some specifications on the situation to start with.

@LupusE , you are way to silent and acting way to maturely by ignoring, or are you equally in doubt on where to go from here , and what to wear? the yarmulke or the feldbluse? A lot of conflicting emotions.

Personally I think walking in with a stahlhelm and leather jacket does nog help the stealth part but, just mindfog.

This is our world now… the world of the electron and the switch, the beauty of the baud. We make use of a service already existing without paying for what could be dirt-cheap if it wasn’t run by profiteering gluttons, and you call us criminals. We explore… and you call us criminals. We seek after knowledge… and you call us criminals. We exist without skin color, without nationality, without religious bias… and you call us criminals. You build atomic bombs, you wage wars, you murder, cheat, and lie to us and try to make us believe it’s for our own good, yet we’re the criminals. Yes, I am a criminal. My crime is that of curiosity. My crime is that of judging people by what they say and think, not what they look like. My crime is that of outsmarting you, something that you will never forgive me for.

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See, people can reply without hate, it is still a choice. Even if I am trying to bait him into the argument.

Anger and hate might be a perfect motivator to get you started, but it takes some compassion , love and dedication , and will to embrace things as they are.

Yeah reality might be broken in some parts, but that does mean you can just do and go as you please. Some will and commitment to this realm is kinda mandatory for survival and improvement. Just blaming and hating others is not gonna fix that. Yes a lot is broken, but then also act to your beliefs.

Going back to the Jesuits era and arguing about what and who is right and the turn to newer revisions of the bible , the crussades and whatever you want to put your feelz on, it will not help you open the gate.

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