Huaxing Strong Remote Control Lock

Trying to get this electronic lock to work, but nothing happens when I send the signal after doing a raw recording.

  • 434.075 mhz

  • FCC ID only valid for the entire system^, not the remote itself: 2A43W-HXQ908D

  • Manual: User manual Users Manual

  • Intended use: Secure my garage door with extra electronic lock (trying to pair this with my garage door opener to have them run in sequence, already have that part figured out)

Pics of the remote:

Files with 10 instances for the unlock and lock buttons buttons (only ones I need):
Lock.sub (111.7 KB)
Unlock.sub (201.1 KB)

These were recorded with AM650 for modulation, but I’ve tried all of them and none seem to work when trying to replay it.

^the fcc listing shows 2 ghz or so, but that’s for the Bluetooth component, which is not included with my version and unrelated to the remote

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.