HW Mismatch?

Word Dump (TLDR at bottom):

So, recently I got to level 3, but my FW was having a bootlooping bug (roguemaster’s fw did that at that version when you got to level 3. Not sure about now). I put it into DFU mode, but then ended up getting delayed for 2-3 days (it was in DFU the whole time). I turned it off, and another day or two later, I ended up restoring it. It didn’t work though, the apps were giving API mismatches, and there was some other thing that I forgot. I installed the FW (again, roguemaster’s), and it said:

Update Failed!
Wrong Updater HW #[1-13]
O to retry, hold ← to abort

I clicked O, but it didn’t do anything (I also held it down, still nothing). It’s been saying

!!! HW Mismatch !!!
HW target: 7
FW target: 18

ever since.

TL;DR: Getting the message a few lines above.

That’s expected behavior when swithing between official and open firmware. It can also happen when upgrading firmware. Sometime you need to delete the apps so you can install newer versions of those apps or versions compatible with your firmware choice.

Some firmware versions have different builds depending on whether you Flipper has a mod. I can’t say for sure but that might be the issue.

Probable solution.

  • Delete your apps. I do that manually by inserting the SD card into a PC.
  • Flash the official firmware via normal means or DFU(Recovery Mode).
  • If desired flash the open firmware of your choice.
  • Load apps compatable with you firmware

Well, I don’t know where my MicroSD to USB adapter went, so I wiped the MicroSD card using the built-in settings menu (at least that still works), and factory reset it. I even wiped the MicroSD, took it out, factory reset and put it back in. It still gives the errors, and (I forgot to mention this, sorry) I can’t update. Every time I try to update, it still says

To clarify: It uploads the update, so at least that much works, but it just won’t do anything. I have been trying to find the adapter, so if I find it, I’ll try to wipe it from my computer.

Did you try the DFU update?

Yes, a few times. It did nothing.
Side note: qFlipper gave some error about downloading scripts, but that’s probably just a side effect of me needing to use a LiveUSB for like 5 months. I downloaded the lastest .dfu file from a link in the logs and then qFlipper worked. The flipper zero still is not working, however.