I am at a complete loss re: Flash Wifi Board

Ive followed a few different videos. When I get to the end of the process, after following ALL of the steps (everything happend the exact same way as it was shown on the video), I go to Apps>GPIO and there is nothing for maurader listed. I can not figure out where I am going wrong. Any ideas?

My only thought is that the drivers were not installed correctly from the onset…but I’ve followed every step just as shown and no soup for me!

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You need to visit flipc.org and look up the marauder app designed for official firmware. Flashing the wifi card does not also place the app on the flipper

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Thanks. That is helpful. Now I get errors. I would hate to think that I am in over my head already just trying to get this simple process to work…

The error I get i Expected 2 read 0. Bootloader for wrong chip? I tried the other bootloader file and still not working.