I bought a flipper zero about 6 months ago. They will not honor thier warranty to fix my flipper zero

My clip that holds my flipper to my Keychain/lanyard is broken. And flipper is not honoring their warranty.
How hard is it to send me a piece of plastic. Hell ill pay for the shipping. Just contact me

It think they think this is coming from brute force and is not a production fault

It might be an interesting time to switch to a custom Flipper case. There are stl files out there and if you don’t have a 3D printer people are selling them as well I believe. PCBway makes a nice clear case if you send them the stl file.

Worst case there is still the option to put a keyring in it to keep the form and use instant glue with baking soda to make instant plastic cement like they do in model building things?

But now jmr mentioned the clear plastic cases are available for sale I might also want to try that one :sunglasses: