I don't have the app selection to download on the flipper zero mobile app

.I don’t have the selection to download app on my flipper zero mobile application in hub.

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Could you give more information? What did you expect to see under hub? Perhaps the feature you are looking for is somewhere else. I don’t recall ever seeing a download option there.

Like at the top of the hub I’ve seen others with an app section to download games on the flip

I think I might know what you mean. That’s an experimental feature that you must activate under settings. Last I knew the Download feature of Hub was basically useless. That may have changed. I’m going to test it and I’ll post below what I find.

EDIT: It’s release channel not DEV channel firmware. My mistake!

EDIT2: It looks like this feature works now and I love it so far! I installed a game using it and it all worked great. I was also able to delete that app. Great job @Flipperteam

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