I have a troubles with IR via CLI


I have old TV. I bought universal TV remote and I can’t open settings on TV. Works to me only turn-off, volume buttons, channel buttons. I was sniffed signal from my remote and I got A = 0x40, C = 0x12 (turn-off). I trying to send signal via CLI:

ir tx NEC 40 00 00 00 12 00 00 00

It’s not working. Exported .ir file to turn-off:

Filetype: IR signals file
Version: 1
name: NEC_1B
type: parsed
protocol: NEC
address: 40 00 00 00
command: 12 00 00 00

Whats wrong? I wanna brute IR codes for finding settings on my TV.
TV: Toshiba 1400RD

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See Trying to send IR using CLI not working - #3 by luckman212

The address/command from the .ir file needs to be reversed in the cmd command.

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