I just have a STM32WB55, how to download the Firmware

As the title. I am trying to bulid the Flipper Zero by myself. I used to download the program into STM32 by IAR & J-link. I have read most of the docs and github, but I don’t know how to get the STM32 project or hex files. :grimacing:
I don’t know if the STM32 files is open source, just like Arduino or 3D printer, we can download and DIY it easily.

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You should probably start with using DFU files from update directory.

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Thank you my friend!
It’s different. Maybe I should download the STM32 program first, so then I can get into DFU mode.
DFU mode is base on the system of Flipper Zero.

There are two DFU modes on Flipper: the custom one is enabled with Left on boot and is unavailable for you, but another is called by OK and is hardwired into MCU I believe.