I legally own several dodge caravans, and i purchased an autel computer that can program a new key

what i want, being on a disability income, is to be able to pull the pin numbers on the cars computer, which autel device needs to program a key. In addition, I have found that fobs tend to lose their data when they just sit a long time unused, and i can only drive one at a time (i do believe in redundancy and in an emergency i don’t believe in waiting for the ambulance, we are quite rural her *middle of the desert… so please tell me if a flipper zero is a worthwhile investment to pull the pin on the dodge cars I own… i am guessing at the catagorization

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Hi! Flipper Zero doesn’t support any car protocols, so you’ll have to add them yourself. If you’re confident in your coding abilities to do it (and know that it’s technically possible) - it may work.

However, we can’t guarantee anything in this regard, you’ll be on your own there.

The flipper also might not be the best tool for these purposes, if you wanna look into carkeys and security there are a lot of different tools that might fit your purpose a lot better, look for a cheap wireless dongle that supports all odb2/can bus features or vag , depending on car ofcourse, but there is a entire diffrent world out there for re-flashing your ecu that is kinda far away from flippers features even if it has nice subghz options for repeat features. but do not expect it to turn into a codegrabber soon :slight_smile:

I hope one day but not yet. This is one of the things I have been trying to learn about but a full fledged SDR radio is considerably better for this type of research. It would still take much time and research so I can’t recommend it.