I paid a lot of money for this overpriced crap and got nothing. there is nothing for the messages

I’m sorry, but isn’t there someone who takes the package to the post office?

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Maybe handy to tell whats going on instead of this weird statement.

I ordered a week ago. they didn’t even take it to the post office. Nothing for email.

They sold such dog shit for 80 million dollars and there is no money for an employee who goes to the post office?!

Can i elaborate more than that bro?

Most of the people here are regular people like you trying to help so try to be nice to them. Flipper Inc uses third party fulfillment. Shipping was never fast unless you paid for premium shipping. Expect your package to take a couple weeks to arrive. Check your spam to make sure you didn’t miss the emails. The third party fulfillment company carts the packages across country themselves until it reaches your state. That’s when USPS gets the package physically. Till then it’s just a “label created” message in their system but that doesn’t mean the package is not moving. Once USPS gets the package it should be a day or two before it hits your door. Tracking is terrible until USPS gets the package physically.