I Reset My WiFi Dev Board And Flashed The Firmware Again, But SSID BlackMagic Is Still Not Showing?

The SSID BlackMagic worked fine yesterday until I switched to STA and connected it to my network. I’ve since changed networks and want to use the dev board somewhere else, but when I reset & reflash the board it’s still broadcasting the SSID and I can’t connect when typing it in manually. Anyone know if theres internal memory that needs to be reset somehow as well? Never had this issue before and can’t navigate to LAN IP to double check it.

In a somewhat unrelated topic, mDNS blackmagic.local didn’t work on linux when I tried it. Does it take additional configuration on the host computers end, or should it just work? The docs make it seem like it should just work.

Hold boot button down for 10 seconds, done. Got it.

#2: Enable Multicast DNS in router/vlan settings. Got it.

Any security issues with this? I have never used mDNS before.

mDNS can be faked by devices on your network.