I want to return my flipper

I want to return my flipper, i wrote them via support ticket before the duedate, so i can return it without a reason and get my money back. They didnt answer it what do i do now ? Im located in germany.

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I see the refund policy below. I recommend you save all correspondences to prove you contacted them before the 30 days were up. How long have you waited for a response so far?

I was about 10 days so it was under the 14 days that is required by law in germany

I’m highly doubtful they conform to German laws, as Flipper Devices Inc. is an US-based company. AFAIK, they have more than that, but also a nasty habit of closing the case on due date regardless of when was the first contact established.

I would say you will have more luck to get your money by offering the Flipper on platforms like eBay, than getting a refund from Flipper Devices.
Just as an idea.

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If you sell your stuff in a specific country you have to comply to the rules of that specific country.

If product X is legal in a country and you want to sell it in a country where it is unlegal then the sold product X isn’t legal. You have to obey the laws of the country you are selling your product.

That goes also for warranty/return procedures.

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