I was able to remote control a soap dispenser!

I saw a video of someone using the Flipper to activate a soap dispenser. It seemed like something that would work but it didn’t when I tried it a few months ago. I tried it again today and it actually worked! It took several times to capture a working signal, it’s pretty much useless, and the distance isn’t all that great but it works!

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For science!


I understand the device is flashing IR and looks for reflections, so you send it the copy of its own pattern?

As far as I can tell that’s how it works. I think it just keeps repeating the exact same pattern over and over. I want to test it with a brighter LED to see if I can activate it from farther away. I imagine something with better IR reflectivity like maybe a mirror might be able to activate it from farther away then a hand also. That might be an experiment to try. I’ll put a copy on github so we can see if it works with other devices and models. I’d be interested in your feedback.