Ibuttton pins repair - help

due to damage I used a soldering iron to repair 2 of the 3 pogo pins for ibutton function. after soldering them on the little board where they should be together with ir, I put everything back together and at least the ir blaster seemed to work, I have no way to confirm that the ibutton is working since I don’t have anything to test it on but I noticed a very alarming thing. When I turn on the flipper I hear weird noises, as if something is burning and then after a few minutes the ibutton pins start to get really hot
what could be causing this?
I’ll add that I am a newby in soldering field, here’s a few photos of the soldering I did, it looks pretty bad but I thought it was good enough to not be a cold joint and to work

That is very strange. I think you might have to verify connections with a multimeter.

could you give me some guidance on how to use a multimeter to verify the connections? I’ve never done that

That’s a bit beyond what I can advise you on. I would try Discord or Reddit. Big Clive’s Discord should have some very capable people.