Idea - Bluetooth scanner :

What about having a simple Bluetooth scanner on flipper GUI to scan for nearby Bluetooth devices ?


And then explode the device?

Maybe run exploits against devices ?

Or something like “tag” or “mark” a device to follow it, meaning flipper would a sound when the devices are found/in range and will make a sound as well when the marked device is outside of range, something like an Bluetooth “radar” or way to follow someone by BT…

And even better, a “sniffer”, etc, etc …

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Or maybe as well to find nearby flippers …

That’s not currently possible with the BLE stack we’re using. You can switch from the Light version to the Full one to get the BLE host and scanning functionality, but you’ll have to remove firmware features for that, as our flash storage space is really limited and it won’t fit into the free space left by our current firmware image.

What about using an external/SDCard plug-in to do somthing like that ? Would it be possible ?

In that case no, the radio stack is required to be on the internal flash

However, you can use SD card plugins to offload some apps to the SD from the internal storage for the Full stack to fit


Ok, thanks !!!

This explains why I have seen little discussion of Bluetooth applications. Definitely interested in this topic.