Idea: Locking upon power-off

I recently put in a pin-code, however i’ve noticed that when I power off Flipper Zero (latest version) it does not ask me for the code once powered back on. The only time it asks for the pin is when I specifically lock it with the pin (But this obviously does not power it off)

(previously suggested on the 5th of august by user theblackhole)
My suggestion was to make it lock when powered off, for enhanced security.


I like this idea.

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password lock system
It would be good to implement security to the flipper
-to be able to turn off the flipper by holding the BACK button during the lock screen and when it starts, ask for the PIN again
(obviously more people have thought about that)

-be able to activate DUMMY MODE WITH PIN ask for the pin when returning to breiniack mode, and turn off in this mode
so when someone turns on the flipper it looks more like a tamagotchi and will be safe

I could have the same PIN or have another so that if you have a pin for the breiniak mode you can also blocked with another pin

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Please add the ability to choose to require the pin after power-on

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