Idea sharing : alarm app

Hello Flipper users and Flipper team :slightly_smiling_face:

I discovered on the internet that flipper zero has an internal clock, a buzzer and a vibrator.
I also read that some clock app exists.

So I got an idea, what about an Alarm App for Flipper Zero.
An alarm app is a clock app with the possibility to set an alarm with an optional sound (exemple : could reuse the music player app ?) and an optional vibrator pattern.

Also, this could be linked to some other features like : chronometers, timers, etc.

Is this a good idea, what do you think about it ?


Clock with chronometer app for flipper already exist and it’s even incorporated on unleashed firmware. It doesn’t have alarm but for that you would need to have the app opened for the alarm to work, most likely. I’m not an expert on this but i think that if you were to set alarm clock on a app like this you would need to leave thta app opened for the alarm to run/trigger on the set time. You wouldn’t be able to navigate to the menus because while outside the app the alarm would not trigger.

Maybe the clock and alarm could just work for the standby mode, not to interrupt other functions?

Ok, thank you for the info, so it will depend if the flipper Firmware has the ability to run an app in the background.

If it’s possible, an alarm app could work like this :

  • At boot, open the alarm app scheduler in background, the scheduler is the program who check if an alarm must be triggered and trigger it when it need’s to.
  • When the alarm app is opened, open the alarm app UI to configure the scheduler.
  • When the alarm app is closed, run the alarm app scheduler in background.