Identifying a doorbell brand

Hey everyone,
First post here, I hope I do it correctly.

Just got my flipper today and I’m trying to get this doorbell signal. After looking online, I can’t seem to find the brand, therefore the model nor the frequency to look at.

By the way, I’m in Belgium, if it can help identifying.

Thanks a lot!

Devices requiring high bandwidth typically opt for higher frequencies, i.e. 2.4 GHz - Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or something else.
Yours does video transmission, so it is probably included too (if wireless at all). And Flipper doesn’t offer much in that range.
nRF24 module may help, but not guaranteed to. HackRF will tell you something, but is pretty expensive.


It’s a “video” doorbell. That gives us an extreme high probability it works on 900mh, 2.4ghz, or 5.8ghz. It’s unlikely the Flipper can mess with it. Do you have a picture of the receiver? There’s a small possibility it has a secondary frequency that only works with a chime.

Looks like the camera uses Analog 2.4GHz video.
Probably the chime button also runs on 2.4GHz, adds some tones to the audio signal that accompanys the 2.4GHz video. I guess the whole thing is too oldschool for Flipper or nRF24.

To confirm: Was it installed sometime between years 1990 - 2010 ?
That is the timeframe when 2.4GHz analog video devices were popular.

What made you come to the conclusion it’s analog?

The shape and style of the case.

  • The beige color that is now yellowed. That puts the device in the said era 1990-2008.
  • The device looks much like aftermarket installation. Something you would put up yourself, without an electrician. It is surface mounted, not flush with the wall. Something that is sold in a hardware store or a department store, not something that will be hand picked by a profesional door-bell-system-installer.
  • It also looks in that cheapish range of 50 - 200 Euros / Dollars. Instead of a decent styled brand name it has the function labeled on the device. (Ring Doorbells are "Video Intercom System"s but instead they just write “RING” on the front.)

This all leads me to assume that the device is a analog 2.4 GHz Camera Doorbell, because that is what was available in europe at that time era for that money. I could very well be wrong. (Hence I said “looks like”)

Maybe it uses no Wireless at all. It has to draw power from somewhere, maybe it also modulates the video signal on the wires it gets the power from? Who knows. Even in that case it would still be analog, just not wireless.

All in all, to answer your question “what made me come to the conclusion it is analog” the short answer would be “experience”. A childhood and adolescence wasted looking at electronics catalouges and messing with electronics and wireless systems of all types.

If bolico gives me the address, I can one day drive by and check the doorbell myself. I am in belgium from time to time. Then I can confirm. I am also willing to pay for a modern “Ring” doorbell device, to replace this antique thing if [bolico] agrees to send me the external and internal units and all accessories removed from the wall without breaking them. I am also willing to help with installation if my time permits. Then I could also confirm how this operates. Just to prove my childhood was not totally wasted and I do actually have the experience to assume how a device operates, just by looking at it. This offer is valid 12 months from posting this message.

I did not consider it’s discoloration. Good eye!