I'm trying to overwrite my Popl nfc bracelet and need help

So I have a Popl nfc bracelet that my flipper can read. But my question, and I’m sorry for my lack of knowledge, is how can I go about rewriting it with a custom made nfc tag of my own to let’s say…open up a webpage.

Emphasis on the overwriting the existing People Ntag.

Reason being is my people bracelet is a handy little low profile watertight silicon wristband. I want to be able to integrate it into pockets or outfits to share my own info in creative ways.

Normally when scanned with the Popl app, you have to register said device to an account you create and then is tries to make you pay money to use anything beyond the basic features and the Popl self ad filled splash screen which people see.

End goal = someone scans the tag in the bracelet and it opens my own company’s webpage directly instead of a Popl splash screen.