Impossible to install apps via Android

Hi all
I just started my flipper with last firmware but impossible to install apps via mobile, it is looping in loading. Imgur: The magic of the Internet
More. If i go into the installed tab it shows an error.
Imgur: The magic of the Internet
Is it a known bug?
I’m in italy with samsung android
All apps are updated.

Im having the same issue. Internally formatted sd card due to only reading 45mbs of a 16gb card. Now it sees the 16gbs but can not install any apps. Installed app page says there is an error. Keeps scrolling for the install button.

On Reddit one (really kind to be honest) FW Developer said that this is a known issue already solved, just waiting to be published on google play store.
We just have to wait.
But it is a nice job for the team.

You can always downgrade temporarily.

Verify your firmware, I you use other edit firmware you can’t download apps with your phone. You must be on official flipper zero firmware to install apps.

It’s the last firmware and everything is updated.

Try to update app? Or if there are no update you can delete data and cache into storage application settings

I am facing the same problem