Indala E8 Card


I have an office key card that looks like Indala, but Flipper can’t read it in PSK mode.
Attaching raw rfid file and photos.

The card has E8 mark on it.

P.S. It is prohibited to upload .psk.raw to the topic, I renamed it to .bin

Indala_e8.psk.raw.bin (12.0 KB)

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I have one exactly like this and cannot read or copy it either. Proxmark3 happily reads and clones it. Its an indala card. There was a forum post that mentions to send the raw files ro @Astra and contact tech support. I will do that next and report back as soon as there is something to report.


Please do so, do send the files to @Astra.

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I have a tag like this. On the proxmark I can obtain the data and write to t5577 cards. Mine has 224 bits of data so it’s a bit bigger than the 26 bits the indala file the flipper supports.

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Yeah, It seems that Indala 64-bit and 224 bit cards require different demodulation. Looking at Proxmark 3 Indala options code, there are are besides PSK1 and rf/32 also 64 and 224 bits Indala cards that have a whole different demodulation code.

I have now written to @Astra over a week ago, I have received no answer though. Does anyone know any other devs or how to go about this to get help from the Flipper dev team?

It seems that @Astra is busy or absent. Can you recommend any other approach to have higher-bit Indala cards implemented?

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I too have tried to scan the exact same card, have a picture of the reader (upload gave error). Happy to send my RAW scan data as well, but don’t want to add to an already overburdened inbox if not needed.

hello i just got my proxmark3 easy can we please talk on discord i also have a indala e8 and im struggling here as im a newbie my discord is aaronwlolss