Install from GitHub

Dear all
I’m new with flipper and I have 1 question that how to install apps or firmware from GitHub like this
GitHub - flipperdevices/flipperzero-firmware: Flipper Zero firmware source code

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You’ll need to use the terminal for that

First, clone the repository
git clone --recursive

Then, navigate inside and run ./fbt to build the firmware.

After that, the dist folder should contain a .dfu file that you can flash via qFlipper

Hi @Astra

Maybe this is basic question but i still can’t find easy document regarding converting c apps into dfu file
as example I need this module (

as per my understanding, below the steps :

  • clone main repo from this one
  • create folder on applications
  • copy c apps to this folder
  • then build the firmware by running ./fbt

is this correct ?
When the dfu file installed, is it replaced existing data or apps ?

Thank You

Currently yes, the firmware and the apps are a single entity, and the DFU contains both of them. The way of adding apps to the stock firmware currently depends on how the developer decided to publish them (and in your case it’s just the apps, but often it’s the whole firmware repo).
When you install the DFU, it re-writes the internal flash storage to contain the new firmware image, and with that come the new apps.

We’re working hard on making this easier, soon you’ll just need to compile the app into a .fap file and drop it onto the SD card


you cant sorry

This thread is outdated, you can now just place a .fap file in the apps folder on your SD card.