Intercepted Sub-GHz signals not sending correctly

I was testing my flipper out and at first I analyzed the freq and even Googled the specific garage door opener freq. So I know it’s correct, I’ve even attempted to send the recorded signal on every modulation. I even walked right up to the garage and it doesn’t do anything.

It’s saying it’s sending the signal, and it’s playing back the recorded frequency but nothing ever opens.

Am I doing something wrong? And NO this isn’t a region locked freq. Thanks guys.

Is it possible this garage door opener is using rolling code??? Is that even a thing for garage doors?

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Checking with the manufacturers manuall might help solve the question if the specific model you are trying to open with the flipper might be using rolling codes.
My assumptions would be that it is not unlikely to use rolling since oder remotes do so to and that from a manufacturers side it isn’t too hard to implement it within the device.
But, since i honestly am also just discovering things while trying out i would be interested in what you’ll come accross in future!

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Standard way to check for rolling codes is to send & record the signal from remote so that the receiver doesn’t receive it - either go out for sufficiently long distance, or power it off. Then return everything back to normal and replay.


That’s great way to figure it out and probably way easier then finding documentation. Virtually no garage door documentation from the manufacturer will ever say “we don’t use rolling codes” and in my experience so far they rarely say so it when they do. It’s not much of a selling point now that’s it’s so common.

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