Intratone remote


I’m trying to add the following remote.

I’m not sure about the frequency but from the Flipper, I gathered 868.349 Mhz.

I’ve recorded all 4 buttons as asked.

Raw_signal_1.sub (461 Bytes)
Raw_signal_2.sub (412 Bytes)
Raw_signal_3.sub (563 Bytes)
Raw_signal_4.sub (461 Bytes)

Thanks a lot for your help!


hi ! i’m looking after this type of key too !! (09-0115 intratone)

there is no useful signal in your recordings. most likely you have chosen the wrong modulation

Hi, could that help?

The B1 - Read - Detect Raw On.sub capture is from the Sub-Ghz - Read with Read Raw option on (3KB, quite small) and the other one is a capture from the Sub-Ghz - Read Raw. Both are for the button 1, 868.349MHz
B1 - Read - Detect Raw On.sub (2.3 KB)
B1 - Read raw.sub (91.6 KB)
Let me know if some other button or a capture from an other Intratone remote could help too

there is no noise in both files. if your key fob works in 2-FSK (FM), everything is not so simple there, you also need an accurate signal deviation. you can find out only SDR, for example, in the SDRSharp program

your chip. it can work with both OOK and FSK modulations, you need to start SDR to find out the signal parameters

Hi SkorP, I don’t have a RTL-SDR dongle atm, so not able to capture this signal properly.
Guess that one would work, right?

yep, get one of those

Here is what I get by registering using the read raw function. Can it help?

intratone-09-0115.sub (327 Bytes)

my Faac/Intratone/Cogelec Equipment :

Will scan frequency asap, my wife got keys :smiley:

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Sorry for the delay, here are the files : (22.8 KB)

Sad news… thx for the infos…

Did you find something @Foul ?

Nothing but one reply was deleted ? or it’s me ?

Original message :

I know this remote, and talked to the vendor of it.
It is not transmitting a usual signal like other remotes do.
This one sends only 3 little bursts of the signal, like Horman BiSecur, which are hard to catch.
And it is AES encoded.
There will be no way to handle this remote with Flipper or any other cloning device or solution!

and it for that i said : Sad news… thx for the infos…

What th F**k are those posts deleted ? :thinking:

Because your post contained a link to a website on which you could find instructions on installing firmware forks with illegal functions, which is not allowed in any of our communities.

Looks to me that Intratone have 2 components, at least your model - a transmitter and RFID portion … Looks like they specialize in detecting duplicates of remotes and de-activate the originals that were cloned …

I would start by checking if i could read the RFID part … Also more investigation is reuqired … i don’t believe in 100% protected system and sometimes manufacturer do lie … we don’t know yet if the encryption is on the signal side / RF or on the RFID part … Again investigating with SDR might provide more clues … same for reading the RFID portion with RAW if it’s 125 kHz …

In the first picture, the chip is a PIC… PIC12LF1840T39A, it could be read/dumped/copied if code is not protected. with some hope…sometimes the bigger the better :wink:

Hello, I am currently also trying to duplicate the EXACT same remote. Our garage door is recently replaced by this remote, we used to have a FAAC remote. I also could duplicate multiple raw signals but it would not open the door.

Do you have any updates?
@Foul You found anything in the meanwhile?