iOS App File Management Improvements Move files in folders, download/upload files and folders to/from iPhone

1 Move files in folders
2 Download/upload files and folders to/from iPhone
3 Rename files and folders


Also delete files

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Hello all,

I just got started with FZ last night, so forgive me if this has already been answered elsewhere, but I’m looking to understand why some files in the ios module’s file manager can be downloaded and others can’t.

Screenshot example below. I’d like to download the lfrfid RAW files to my phone so I can move them to a pc for further analysis. I’m able to download the first rfid file in the screenshot, but the two raw files show a “locked” symbol and can’t be downloaded.

What causes the files to be locked?

@wirelan :+1: we’re working on that

Would you consider doing it as a file provider so it would show in Files app?