IOS app not syncing?

Ive tried everything in the docs trying to get my flipper to sync but it just sits at 0% no matter how long i leave it next to it. Im running custom firmware but ive tried flashing to other firmwares and it didnt work. Also tried unpairing and repairing the flipper and my phone and deleteing and redownloading the app. Im not really sure what to do here.

What version of IOS and what version Flipper firmware are you on? I’m suspicious the Latest IOS might have some issues but I haven’t seen a lot of reports yet.

I’m having the same problem after downloading the unleased software my Flipper will not fully sync back to my iPhone which has the iOS 17.4.1
Any suggestions?

Same issue here syncs to 51% but takes an age. Using ios 17.4.1 weird.