IOS App reporting incorrect location

The IOS app is probably reporting wrong location.
After the firmware update to 0.82.3 the harware region is set to" --" causing incorrect Sub - Ghz band region lock.
Using android app sets the correct location.
Uninstalling and installing the app doesn’t make a difference.
The iphone is set to the correct region and location services are turned on
Any advice will be greatly apreciated.


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The same problem here: The app on iPhone shows 0.83.1 and recommend an update (but 0.83.1 is already installed on flipper). If I apply the update again, the region setting is “–”. If I open the app on my iPad, then the app recommends also an update - If I update the flipper via iPad, then it sets the correct language region (“DE” in my case). If I reconnect the flipper with the iPad, the app shows “No Updates” (the same with qFlipper on MacOS - “No Updates”).

But: If I connect the flipper with the app on my iPhone again, it shows “Updates available”. If I apply that update via iPhone, The region is setting back to “–” again …

I would say: Something is broken with the region detection/setting if the app is running on a iPhone / the firmware is updating via iPhone…

I too am facing the same issue. I have tried changing update channels, still the same result. I have deleted the region data and performed a format with no resolution.

This is also affecting multiple flippers so it appears to be isolated to the IOS application.

The behaviour is fixed with the newest iOS app. Firmware 0.84.1 was successfully installed via iPhone, language setting (‚DE‘ in my case) is ok now. After the update, the update button is inactive (=correct).