[iOS] Update Flipper from Mobile App

Earlier in the @flipperzero I wrote that there were problems when updating Flipper through the phone. Could not update through the app.

I have made it here as a report.

  1. Checking the Bluetooth connection of the Flipper.
    1.1. Сonnected.
  2. Update Flipper with dev c7fbc832 firmware.
  3. after ≈ 7 minutes the update screen appears on the Flipper.
    3.1. successful download.

I try again to update to one of the popular firmware flipper-z-f7-update-unlshd-030e :slight_smile:

  1. Checking the Bluetooth connection of the Flipper.
    1.1. Connected.
  2. Re-downloading the firmware to the phone. Saving it.
  3. Through Files open the firmware in Flipper App.
  4. Starting to update.
    4.1 Did not notice how the update went to Offline Mode - there is no status bar on the phone screen.
    4.2 Almost 2 minutes later (1:42) in the app a notice “Update Failed (firmware name) wasn’t installed on your Flipper. Try to install again.”
  5. Surprisingly, a welcome firmware window pops up on the Flipper.
  6. At first look, all the applications from the firmware are installed.

The task to update Flipper through the phone is solved. But with an error. In doubts whether to post the report.
Between no and yes, the choice is only yes.

terminal_content_1676715635732.txt (3.3 KB)
14:38:24 18-02-2023.txt (482.8 KB)
14:55:47 18-02-2023.txt (38.4 KB)

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I thought to share what fixed my issue . I eventually got rid of the issue by forcing restart your iPhone.

Sorry for late response. Fixed long time ago.