IR FTP App ?!

Another cool idea would be to have an IR app to send/retrieve files like old laptops and nokia phones had. A way to interact with PCs that use IR or have external/USB IR adaptors to send/retrieve files or to share files by IR would be of use …

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As far as I know the flipper has CIR (Consumer IR) implemented, the OBEX (OBject EXchange) would need IRDA.

An IRDA stack could do much more, like AT Commands to older Mobile phones.
Last weekend I’ve seen a Nokia 6150 in a car while walk the dog. Would be nice do read out the contacts without authentication.


A quick research shows, the TSOP-75338TR (IR module of the Flipper Zero) does some interpretation of the captured IR signals. This is fixed at 38KHz, won’t work with any SIR specification.
Translation: No IRDA out of the box, it needs another GPIO board.

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Thanks for the info !