.ir is not showing up in the folders

I donwloaded a bunch of Ir signals and when I take the flipper and look for them to emulate them they do not show up. When i go through the sd card on my computer the .ir files are right there but they dont show up on the flipper itself.

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I had the same issue!

I just got my Flipper a few days ago and am running the most current firmware, 0.84.2.

From the home screen, when I press LEFT (on the dpad), it opens a browser window, sweet! HOWEVER, lol, whenever I browse using that ‘browser’, the files that I downloaded and copied onto the microSD card do not show up, such as *.ir files, etc. All of the folder structure is there, just NO FILES.

After some clicking around, I saw that if I press DOWN from the home screen, then cycle through the items there, there is one called “Browser”. When I navigate to a folder, such as one that has *.ir files, the files are there! I can select them with the middle button, “Run in app”, and there’s the IR remote commands!

You’ve probably already figured this out, but if not, I hope that helps!