Ir not working

My ir doesn’t transmit see vid for ir generation issue

There’s no ir light coming out of the transceiver that’s what I was showing in the vid

As you already have noticed, the w sec video is useless.

But the question is still, what is the question. What should we have seen in a video of let’s say 10sec?

If you are trying to capture the IR light with a mobile phone camera: not every phone cam is showing the blinking. There are things like IR filters.

Use a remote control that is working. Goto Flipper - Infrared - Learn New Remote and capture around 3 keys. Safe the new remote.
Go to Infrared - Saved Remotes, choose your new remote and try the learned buttons on your device.
It should behave the same as the button pressed on the original remote.

Most times it is not productive the Flipper direct at the IR eye. The distant from 30cm to 6m should be fine for testing.

You appear to be correct. Check to make sure it isn’t accidentally set to use an external board for IR.

infrared >> GPIO Settings >> Send signal to internal and Ext module 5v off

Ok will try

I tried a 10 sec but it was too big for this website and I was testing it on some stuff and before it showed in my phone cam

It worked thx

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I’m having the same issue, what was the fix for you?

Looks like this.

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No such setting under the “infrared” menu! Options available are: Universal remote, learn new remote, saved remote.

Under “GPIO” there is an option “5V on GPIO” set to off, but still no luck.