IR Scope files saving and playing back?

The app works, I guess.
I see a string of PWM when I push a button on a remote or aim it at sensors.
But can we record these and play them back?
I tried using the “Learn New remote” function, but it won’t acknowledge the device.
I have a unique situation in which an IR detection beam is activated momentarily, and the system uses that beam to verify an expected object has passed by.
It’s encoded to ensure against interference. I need to emulate the beam.

The TSOP module in the Flipper dies some kind of interpretation, before the MCU sees the signal. So the TSOP reads at 38kHz some wiggling, interprets this as ‘on’ and if the wiggling on the line disappeared the Flipper sees ‘off’.
Okay, I still work on a good picture to explain …

But your system seems to use different parameter. Else not 38kHz baseline or no modulation on top of a base frequency from 36 to 40kHz with quite a tolerance.
So I think at least the embedded IR eye is not the right for your use case. Maybe a board on GPIO (note one that is using the pin 7, because this will wait for exact this parameters.

What the IR Scope is showing is noise, not a signal.

OK, so obvi ESL.
Seems you are also heavily invested in foil.
Scope works as advertised. Shows a data stream.
Confirmed this dozens of times now. Compared to Oscope captures of sensor output.
You have proffered useless techno babble.

Yeah. I’ve tried to be nice. So good luck with your topic.