IR Stuck always on

Hello, my IR LEDS are stuck in an always on state and it is causing a lot of power draw and killing my flippers battery. I am aware this is known issue because when I posted it on discord my photos were immediately removed and I was told to contact email support. Once I contacted email support the rep sergio took weeks to respond and ultimately decided not to honor the year warranty. I have timestamps showing I am within the year warranty period. It seems to be a known defect that flipper does not want to honor even with a valid warranty claim



I can’t help you contact support but let’s see if we can get it working. I don’t work for Flipper either so have patience with me. I can see you’re likely very upset. Please answer all the questions. Some people get frustrated and they don’t answer or they don’t try troubleshooting steps.

From your picture it’s unclear whether the IR is always turned on or if it is flashing continuously. Please let us know.
What steps have you taken to resolve this?
What firmware are you on?
What hardware version do you have?
Have you done this reboot technique?
What happens if you remove the SD card and reboot the Flipper like above with no SD card?
Did you ever load the official firmware?

Now lets see what happens if you change the IR output Then let us know if IR is still active and what the power draw is. To change the output you must change the GPIO setting under Infrared to “send signal < 2 (A7)”

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My apologies for not mentioning the troubleshooting steps I have already done. I have already gone through all your troubleshooting suggestions and restored to the default/ most current firmware. Removing the SD card does not change anything. The IR lights are solid and always on from the second the device is powered on until it is turned off.
Hardware model: FZ.1
I believe it has to do with a bad resistor on the hardware level.

Unfortunately I agree with you this is a hardware issue so there is probably nothing i can help with. Where did you buy the Flipper?