Is anything wrong in my flipper subghz?

I just got my Flipper this week, and I’m new to wireless field,. When I install “Spectrum Analyzer” Application. I got these view:

About every 6Mhz, there is a peak, from 390Mhz to 435Mhz.
I am very sure these peak comes from flipperzero: when I approach my flipperzero to rtl-sdr antanna, I can see these wave too.
Is this normal or something wrong in my subghz module? What is this phenomenon?

Depending on SD card some ones and controllers do make some noise you can pickup in the subghz band but it should be more around the 290-312mhz range. But keep in mind, you can see a lot of noise/data passing by on the sub-ghz band from voice to video on diffrent types of protocols that you can see on the spectrum and are used widescale. If your SDR actually picks this up stronger when you put the FZ next to the antenna it could be some noise, but if both are connected to USB for example it could also be amplified ground noise from the machine and your PSU/USB power makes noise. I have seen this with multiple devices running on a/c and not on battery power, a lot of laptops on battery power seem to be a bit more stable and reduce the background noiselevel while capturing on rtl usb.

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