Is it possible to change the expiration date when changing hex?

Filetype: Flipper RFID key

Version: 1

This was generated from the Picopass plugin and may not match current lfrfid

Key type: H10301

Data: 53 D0 E0

the expiration date was 08/16/23. is it possible that it is wired in hex? and if yes, how to change the hex to extend the lifetime? if it is possible of course

Unlikely. HIDs (IIUC all of them) are just identification cards, not stored-value.

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Those cards are one time write IIRC. That would mean a new badge every time one expired if the expiration date were on the card. There is also the problem they come written with data. You would have no way to change the date if it were in the card data. The end user only writes the image and or text. They sell in batches of 100 minimum usually. Cards could expire right on the shelf if the dates were written in the card. As a company you would want to be able to revoke access anyway so the readers are usually networked to the best of my knowledge. I’m definitely not an expert though. I might inquire about expiration next time I talk to a rep.