Is it true that there are several different versions of Flipper Zero, and the screen on version 02 is clearer?

I have seen some news from various sources, and I’m not sure if it’s true or not. Is it correct that there are multiple versions of Flipper Zero, such as 01, 02, and 03?

The regional versions (R01-R04) have absolutely 0 differences, and the firmware now treats all devices as R04.
The R04 versions (01) and (02) only have different suppliers of the display, but the displays themselves are exactly the same. The numbers are there for us to be able to pinpoint which exact supplier was at fault if we suddenly get a bunch of faulty devices.

TLDR: There are different numbers, but there is 0 difference to the final user.

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The original backers did get a black version of the Flipper but color was the only difference I’m aware of.