Is Joom a reliable place to buy flipper zeros?


I was just wondering if Joom was a good place to buy flipper zero’s, the website is shown on the official flipper zero website but some of the reviews about joom i have read arent the best.

if anyone knows if they are a reliable place lmk


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Yes they are. I ordered mine before about a month and it has almost came to the destination where I ordered it to. I would highly reccomend it.

Yes, joom is our official reseller.


Shipping to Europe does take an ungodly amount of time though however… I’ve had several packages from HK show up anywhere from 5 days to 14 days with working tracking, last thing I’ve heard tracking wise from my flipper order was over a week ago.
Contacted Joom and they told me I could refund at the end of January 2023 if the parcel doesn’t show up.
Not a great experience, if I would have been a few minutes faster I could’ve gotten the flipper via lab401 within a few days :frowning:

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That’s mine purchased from Spain :es:

I’m the same …my order cleared customs on the 4th of this month … no status change … so I did contact the courier used ERVI ( Hermes) they have stated that the parcel is lost after a investigation. Zoom tell me on chat that this normal with this courier company ? Neither Zoom or ERVi can give me any certainly on where the product is or even if it did get sent sport from a none active tracking number. They have stated that I have till the 7 of January to claim undelivered and 76 days of warranty from purchase of product, but this to me could end up hitting a wall with no refund and an open case, as stretching the time of delivery out puts in some case out of the stated warranty.

This feels like rip off.

Personaly i WOULDN’T USE Joom.

Hello. I ordered via Joom. Allow 4 weeks. From Joom to UK customs was really quick. Evri on the other hand, sat on the parcel for 2 weeks. They said, we’ve got it…. then nothing. It arrived in good order 2 weeks later. It’ll arrive, frustrating and I felt like you. It’ll come don’t worry.

Yeah … well it’s looking bleak … according to EVRI, the parcel is lost… considering this is the first time that I have ever purchased from this website, I’m not confident to buy anything else from the site, not to mention that this is only option to purchase a flipper zero. It’s been longer than two weeks … the odds don’t look good

EVRI are complete bell ends. They lost some bike parts of mine, luckily I was insured. My son also recently sold 2 xboxes and the lady at the drop off said “oh, you’ve written xbox on the label, you know these won’t arrive because the Evri staff will just steal them”. Lots of their parcels just go missing.

Flipper was the only reason to install Joom. Arrived to Latvia in 4 weeks.