Is there a root directory infrastructure to place the downloaded files under?

I am trying to figure out how best to configure the folders under IR, sub-G, etc.

Does anyone have any thoughts since we can’t just throw the folders on the SD card, right?

I’ve had the same issue. How to organize my files and keep track on updates in git.

So I’ve wrote the syncFlipper script, available at Little helper to sync SD card
Linux only at the moment. Maybe later I will make it more platform independent.

It is not perfect (work in progress) and my very personal organisation, but I hope it will help others, as well. At least as start point.

In a nutshell the script does:

  • sync the given GitHub source local
  • if she card is inserted, sync the local repo with sdcard content

I’ve tried to keep track on infrared, SubGHz, BadUSB and ibutton.
Right now I am at analysis of the Flipper-IRDB for a better universal remote. When finished, maybe I can also better organize the SubGHz files.


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