Is there a way to put a password on my Flipper?

I ordered my flipper, and I would like to be able to put a password on it when it arrives. Im open to putting new firmware on it but would prefer not to. Does anyone know how to put a password on there?


The Flipper is a tool with a menu and some applications to read or write over some antennas (RFID, NFC, SubGHz), USB (BadUSB) or LED (IR). And it can speak GPIO.

What do you want protect?

I just dont want it to fall into the wrong hands, especially with people at my house would try to mess with it like my kids. I dont want someone I know to find it and use it for bad.

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This is not how it works. But you can set a PIN, as described in the docs: Controls - Flipper Zero - Documentation

I don’t think the pin stops people from interacting with the Flipper via USB or apps. The Flipper pin can also be bypassed if someone knows what they were doing. Only data saved directly to the Flippers internal memory is reasonably safe. Unfortunately most is saved to SD and anything there can be easily stolen in a variety of different ways.