Is there a way?

Is there a way you can get coins from coin machine like the ones at the car wash?

Put coins in, take the key and open the door where the coins are stored.

What do you want to archive with this question? There are so many machines on the world, each with its own cons and pros.
Places like car wash have a lot of cams, so nobody should be an idiot and try around there. Plus the Flipper dies from water (every time ironic). A cat wash is not the ideal environment.

If you want to walk around like John Conner in terminator and get money from each ATM, the Flipper maybe isn’t the right tool for you.

I wasnt really going to go to the car wash and take the coins from there im just thinking of things to do with it i just got mu flipper yesterday im excited i got it but the only things i know how to do on here is turn my tv off and on,open tesla charger ports and thats about it i want to know how to do something kool with it thats all i was trying to do my bad if i made my self look like i was John corner but what he did was pretty kool anyways if anyone can tell me how to do something kool with the flipper hit me up and let me know

Easy, just get a job at the place for a couple of weeks, copy the keys, and wash your car free for life. The longer you stay at the job the more profitable it becomes, since they are now actually paying you to wash cars. Or wasn’t that the point of the question?

I’ve seen this one before.

  • Step 1 get a sledge hammer.
  • Step 2 get coins.
  • Step 3 give those coins to defense attorney.
  • Step 4 pray for probation rather then jail.

That’s one of my nephews favorite perks at his job(after the pay check). He just likes a clean car. :laughing:


This is a great story about a real world ATM machine glitch. I’m not sure who covered it best though.