ISO 15693 support

hi! is there any chance to get full iso 15693 support?
right now it only shows NFC-V and the unique id, but no option to save or emulate a card.
some card types are tag-it hf or i-code sli


We’ll add this in the near future


For more context on ISO 15693 (NFC-V) support, I’d also recommend checking out the following issue on GitHub:

As a tl;dr of the current status, quoted from one of the developers who chimed in: “We are currently researching what we can do, but most likely 8 byte UIDs are not coming any time soon.”

It appears that the ST25R3916 chip in use can only support 4 or 7 byte UIDs, not the 8 byte UIDs in use in ISO 15693. It appears there are potential efforts underway to attempt 8 byte UID emulation in software, but it would be a complex and difficult undertaking for the development team, and is most likely not a high priority feature because of this. (That last part, the analysis of priority, is pure conjecture on my part)

I actually ran into this question because I had the same question - why I couldn’t emulate NFC-V cards with the flipper. The only downside is, I don’t think I know enough about NFC emulation to be of any help in building out 8 byte UID support haha. If you’re interested in helping out though, I’m sure the users on that GitHub issue would be happy to begin brainstorming on a potential support or emulation method for NFC-V. Best of luck!

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I am also interested in iso 15693 compatibility.
Thanks for your work!

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That issue was actually caused by an incorrectly detected NFC-B tag, not NFC-V, so most of the stuff said there should be disregarded, as pretty much everyone in this thread was confused.

In short, we’ll add support for reading NFC-V cards soon (hopefuly), but the emulation will definitely require a lot of work to just validate that it’s possible, and then even more effort to make it actually work.


afaik the Chameleon Mini revG supports iso 15693 emulation, the proxmark3 for sure. do you think, that some of their code (assuming the licence allows it) would help here? i think they do it in software

I was able to get my flipper zero to emulate an NFC-V tag used by my lifeionizers water filter (I have an MXL-9 but I think all the recent ones use NFC to ensure that filters have been changed often enough, as defined by them). As of right now it seem that flipper zero cannot duplicate tags yet, which is what I’d need (duplicate the tag after modifying the payload a bit, or maybe just having a new serial nubmer would be enough).
I filed Allow duplicating/modifying NFC-V / ISO 15693 tags to get write new lifeionizers NFC tags · Issue #3491 · flipperdevices/flipperzero-firmware · GitHub