Issues post-update

Updated to 0.90.1

Attempted to load any app - Infrared, GPIO, NFC. etc… and get the message “Update needed, Update Firmware to run this app”

Reinstalled firmware via usb and software. done through recovery/safe boot and no joy.

tried a previous firmware version - no joy.

no a full factory reset - no joy.

Any ideas before i sell it and slate the company for something that does not work?

There was a change in FW 0.90.1, and Flipper Devices mentioned it in the changelog: Release 0.90.1 · flipperdevices/flipperzero-firmware · GitHub

So everything works as expected.
In detail they introduced the Application Catalog (or Store, as it is called in plenty articles). From the app store you can easily (much easier than before) update the apps.

But why did you update to 0.90.1, if 0.92.x is already released? This won’t change your situation, but I am wondering about this specific older release.