It is now possible to save Marauder pcaps without an SD card attached to the wifi devboard

I’ve been looking everywhere for how to do this and haven’t found anything. So I took some time out last night to explore the flipper a bit.

Thanks to 0xchocolate, we have an application to serve as an interface for the wi-fi devboard with Marauder. So I made a fork of this application and also of the marauder firmware on github and made some changes so that the sniffing functions started transmitting the data from the PCAP file that would be recorded on the SD card of the wi-fi card via serial to the flipper zero, which is in charge of writing in its internal memory.

In the end, I got good results. The PCAP files are being stored in the “apps_data/marauder/xxx_?” folder, where xxx is the executed function and ? is the sequential of the file.

Here are the links to the modded marauder app and firmware projects if anyone wants to try it out:

I’m not knowledgeable enough about hardware, nor have I ever programmed a firmware or application for a flipper before. So feel free to suggest new approaches and improvements.


Do you plan on submitting a merge request to make this part of the official Marauder firmware?

P.S. Excellent work by the way.

Dude, now that you mention it. I believe that changes from that fork will end up breaking compatibility with some builds that use Marauder.

I’m going to redo the changes and create a new configuration entry for the user to specify whether to save the pcap files to the SD card or send them via serial.

Most of the implementation is in the flipper app. In the Marauder firmware it is only necessary to redirect the buffer writing to Serial1, which by default uses the same RX/TX pins that are connected to the flipper’s second serial channel (LP_UART). So the Serial (0) channel keeps writing the output the way it is.

As soon as I redo these changes in a less ugly and more stable way I submit a merge request in your official repository :slight_smile:

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was in the process of getting your version running because it’s a good idea and one I was thinking about, I will wait til you have it cleaned up, im excited

I opened a merge request for the development branch.

In order to test packet transmission via serial, it is necessary to uncomment “#define WRITE_PACKETS_SERIAL” in the settings.

For now it’s working with the app at:


Are you also planning to submit an MR with 0xchocolate for the fap once you get the kinks worked out?

Yes. From what I’ve tested so far, I don’t have any problems with the app. The PCAP file is only written if any data is received on the second serial channel, so it should work if the esp firmware is configured not to transmit packets via serial. But just to be safe, I’ll do some more tests before submitting.

For testing purposes you can use the fork fap file. I’m using Xtreme Firmware, I haven’t tested it on other firmware.

I opened a PR to the official 0xchocolate repository. Waiting now.


Hey, I don’t understand how I’m supposed to download the firmware for the wifi dev board.
Is there also a separate firmware for the flipper that I need to use?

I have the latest firmware for both the wifi board and flipper . I have savePCAP enabled in settings but nothing is showing up in the folder. Any suggestions?

Which .bin did you use to flash the devboard? I noticed that the sd_serial version from the official repository is identical to the version that uses the SD card soldered on the board.
The .bin that uses serial is approximately 806KB. Please use this version until Koko fixes the official release.

Thank you that did it. I am seeing pcap files now.

can i use other esp32 module for saving pcaps to flipper sd ? How i should connects this ?


Im using a wroom

Flashing this bin

made the esp32 wroom work
But im assuming i cant save pcap because the bin file is different right? Thanks for this

I wonder what esp32<->Flipper pin-out should be used to write .pcap to flipper?
It works like a charm with Flipper’s original devboard. Now i want to solder esp32-wroom module.