Ive broke my car fob please help

I copied my car code to try it out on my own car and now my car fob doesnt work, I opened the door using the key and turned of the alarm by starting the car with the key but now i cant lock or unlock my car, please help

Do you have a spare key to the Car? IF YES get that key to open your car and with the key that isnt working put that in the ignition and turn the key now take out and all should be fine

Re-sync process is different from car to car. Some will require to place the key on ignition and rotate it to β€œON” but without starting the car, and with the key on that position press and hold one of the fob keys for 3 or more sec. example is the Citroen cars. Then turn off, remove the key and should be re-sync. But on your case the car most likely detected the repetition of the same rolling code and de-activated the remote with the serial number that was re-played by flipper. I posted a video about it sometime ago …

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