JJC JM-II Wireless Camera Remote 433.94 Mhz ASK FCC ID 2APWR-JM-A


Frequency is 433.94 Mhz. Modulation is ASK according to FCC docs.

Link to FCC docs, which include board photos: https://fccid.io/2APWR-JM-A

I’m going to try to do a capture/analysis with an RTL-SDR tonight, and will update this thread accordingly.

Here is a link to some captures I made with URH: google drive

I used URH instead of capturing raw signals on the flipper since I’m a novice and didn’t know how critical the frequency tuning is, i.e. whether 433.92MHz is close enough to 433.94MHz, which is the frequency specified in the FCC docs. The signal analyzer on the RTL-SDR seems to think the peak is actually at 434 MHz anyways.

I captured some single button presses with the selector switch set to its 3 different modes. I noticed that the multiframe and timer modes seem to have a fixed-length signal that is transmitted, but the single-frame shutter release button will just spam its signal for as long as the button is pressed.

Also, there are dip switches on the back, and I recorded a few different presses with the dip switches set to different values. The file names have all the details.

Can anyone recommend any good tutorials on reversing a simple wireless protocol like this?