Kantech SSF

Hey anyone know how I can clone my apartment key fob. It is using kantech ssf 8004, Kantech Model Number: MFP-2KKEY

Technology: MIFARE Plus EV1 2k

I’ve tried adding manually with dec to hex but that isn’t working.

Regular scan isn’t working

I have read raw data if someone needs.

is NFC, not LF-RFID. Use the NFC app and don’t expect much - depending on settings, these can be secure against cloning.

Is there any data on the card? or is it all empty and do they just verify the hardware uid? if they use data on the card that is not static chance you can clone it and it will only work once, depending if you are first offering the copy or the original, after that they would be out of sync and find out they might have been tampered with. that they use ev1 could hint to potential more security features with variable data on the card/tag. can you read content with your phone with nfc tools or something alike?