KEY B Mifare Classic 1K

I have copied my NFC Card, i used correctly the detect reader, and then i read again the card.
Flipper recognizes only the KEY A, i can’t read the KEY B.
How i can read the key B?

thank you so much!

Detect reader can extract only those keys, that are used by reader. In your case reader doesn’t use Key B, so you can’t get it from reader

okay! but i can open only one door.
i can t open the other doors when i emulate my nfc card. why?
i have need the key B for open all the doors?
where I can find the Key B?

thank you so much!!

Now you are probably facing to “floating frequency issue”. If you can’t find other keys with Detect reader from menu after scanning tag (exactly there, not from main menu) it definitely this issue. It can’t be fixed (hardware issue)

I’m sad. I was hoping to do it! I read that there is a bug in a code that only reads key A exchanging it for key B. Is this possible?

You should try writing dump to Magic gen1a tag and test with it. If it isn’t working you are missing keys, if works - hardware issue

I have not understand. Write what ?
Thank u

Dump is data, what flipper read from tag, you can save dump in menu after scanning tab

Which tag sorry? Is there a tutorial?

Tag is your card, tag can be in more formats, other than card

now i scan my card, then i go to detect reader and i catch the key A. nothing key B.
then i re-scan my card and I open only one door, the door that recognize my flipper and where i catch the key A.
this is the procedure.
how can i do with your procedure?

You buy somewhere gen1a magic tag (AliExpress/ebay/etc), write your saved dump into it (via NFC Magic app) and try opening door that flipper can’t open

I’ve got the same problem and you can verify it with an Android smartphone and the app “MiFare Classic Tools” as it is able to decipher the access conditions. Possibly key B will not used by the reader so you don’t get it here. For my parking card I computed the key B with an external USB reader and Linux. Used the program “mfoc” as it is able the compute the key from the key A because of a cryptographic strength.

Else you can write the access conditions here. You have 6 bytes for key A, then 4 bytes access condition and last 6 bytes is key B. Can be something like FF0780XX or 7B4788XX.

“The problem is hardware” .

Are you going to make new compatible hardware that we could replace in flipper zero to finally emulate it correctly?

I’m not a Flipper employee, I just have information about it. There is no way to fix it on your Flipper Zero, it requires main board modifications. So, in future (maybe ~1 year) there will be new Flipper Zero revision with fixed issue.

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In fact the staff team does not answer… And that bothers me because either he does not wish to give information, or the fact of giving some could be considered as an abuse of weakness. As a user I’m just waiting for an answer. I’m happy with my F0, but I’m just waiting to be told: “yes the F0 can’t emulate, or yes you’ll have to change parts…” Lack of response is unprofessional

They respond in Telegram and probably Discord. Forum isn’t that poplar, so I think they doesn’t check it regularly

Important update!

I took the key B from another nfc card!
Now I have key A and key B.
I read again my nfc card and now flipper unlock all sectors and all keys (16/16 and 32/32).

But I have the same problem. I can unlock only one door, the other doors can’t!!


P.s: now I haven’t the possibility to use the detect reader because the nfc card copy is complete.

Need help! Please!

Try writing it to a magic card.

The card you are trying to copy, can that same card open 1 door, or more doors. Because it can only unlock one, don’t think your flipper zero can unlock the other doors